Sure, Build It in My Backyard

According to this vision of New York, the only people who object to skyscrapers are those who want to “protect their view.” Actually Nikolai, New York’s poor, struggling middle class, and/or migrant populations being forced out of every corner of the city are not protecting a “view” but rather a vision of what a city should be. Not the rich gated community you want to build. -KNY

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Whose (white) map is this?

Prospect-Lefferts Gardens Is ‘On the Map’

A 23-story rental building is planned on an empty lot behind a row of Tudor-style homes in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, unless a local group succeeds in a lawsuit to stop construction. Credit Saul Metnick for The New York Times

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Suburbanization of New York

This thought-provoking book argues that New York City itself has become a follower rather than a leader. Once-distinctive streets and neighborhoods have become awash in generic stores, apartment boxes, and garish signs and billboards. Legendary neighborhoods (Little Italy, Hell’s Kitchen, Harlem, the Lower East Side) have been smoothed over with cute monikers, remade for real-estate investment and for sale to the highest bidder.

Bloomberg’s New York: Class and Governance in the Luxury City.

The Bloomberg Way: “”It’s a notion of governance in which the city is run like a corporation. The mayor is the CEO, the businesses are clients, citizens are consumers, and the city itself is a product that’s branded and marketed. And New York is a luxury product.”

Julian Brash, Ph.D., a Brooklyn-born professor of anthropology and urban studies now at Montclair State University, has written a book entitled “Bloomberg’s New York: Class and Governance in the Luxury City.”